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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why concerts are fantastic

First I will admit that I am not the person who goes to the most concerts but I think I have gone to some great ones over the years. So what makes a good concert? In my opinon if an artist is willing to go out there on the stage and give his, hers or their best to entertain us I think it is a good night. Offcourse some concerts are more memorable than others and stay with you for ever. I'm sure you have some favorite concerts over the years. This post is about my most memorable concert moments.

5. Strindbergs, Långholmsparken, Stockholm

The fact that not many people probably remeber them and tha fact that I own their entire collecition of music on vinyl and did get to see them in concert puts then on the list. The attendence was maybe 300 people for this event but they gave their best for us who where there.

4. Alana Myles, Melody , Stockholm

This concert was fantastic, small venue and a band that had been touring for many months in support of their smash hit Black Velet they where were tight and played a very good intimate set. I still listen to that record and remeber the show.

3. Southside Johnny & Asbury Dukes, Stockholm

Another concert at Melody and all I can say is that this group of musicans don't leave you disapointed, they gave their all as I think they do every night. I just love the horn section and they are even better live than on record. Johnny is one of the best live performers out there that I have seen so far. I hope they come back to Stockholm again.

2. Ulf Lundell, Hovet, Stockholm

Here it was hard to decide. No the artist but the concert but Hovet on the Club Zebra Tour get the selection over the concert at Orminge festplats where he could point out the house he grew up in. At Hovet he played 4 hours and 15 minutes before going in to the 15 minute long Club Zerba song and by this time people around us had actually left the venue, it felt like ½ the audience were gone. If you give it all until people can not take it any more that is special...

1. Bruce Springsteen, Ullevi, Gothenburgh

Having heard about this artist for the first time in 1981 while playing in Stockholm on the River tour and then starting to listen and really getting in to him and have the opportunity to go on you graduation weekend all alone on a bus for 6 hours at 19 yeaqrs old and find yourself at a 4 hour concert that breaks(!) the staium. How that not affect the rest of your life I don't know because it did for me. Having seen 13 or 14 concerts now I had to pick the first one.

Who almost made the list?
Dire Straits, Hovet
Being there for an epic Sultans of Swing live on the Brothers in Arms tour was definately special. Mark Knopfler is a special artist and at this time at the peak of his popularity.

Pravda Spatsiba, Viggbysalen
Who else was there?Not many and you all missed it!

Marillion, Gröna Lund

Big Country, Eriksdalshallen

Missed opportunities:
I had a ticket to Simon & Garfunkel in Stockholm in -82 year after their Central Park concert but due to an appendectomy I sadly could not go.

Springsteen has been to Sweden a number of times when I did not get my hands on a ticket or just could not go. Always sad days...

Historic conserts I would have liked to see.
Springsteen in the early years, pre Born to run.

Beatles at Yankee Stadium.

My dad played in a band in the sixties, The Desperados and that would have been something to see....but maybe to much like Marty McFly in Back to the Future.

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