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Monday, October 11, 2010

How to play golf

Golf is in decline in Sweden and many clubs have financial problem when people don't play as much and choose cheaper memberships. The upside for those who still play is less waiting on the course. For instance on Friday we played 18 holes in 2:45. Sure We played match and did not hole out on every hole. It also helped that the group we caught up on 5th knew how to per us was faster pass through. However nice it is to have nobodyelse on the course when you want to play it clearly does not work from a financial standpoint. Clearly greenfees will not cover upkeep and run the clubs. Most likely some clubs will fold and disapear. The question is how it will affect costs for thoose who continue to play? If fewer people play most rounds will be faster or will courses be turned in to farm land or be sold for other purposes? I think if people also think more activily about how to play faster it Will help alot also. Play more match play it is more fun than the swedish 'poängbogey' and faster.

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