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Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 preliminary race schedule

After just missing my goals for times on 10K and halfmarathon last year I'm going to leave them unchanged for this year.
  • 800m - sub-2:40 min
  • 10k - sub-45 min (2011 - 45:34)
  • halfmaratnon - sub-1:40 hour (2011 - 1:40:44)
With a new baby coming in a few weeks traning is not optimal right now but hopefully there will be some time for traning and I have tried to adapt the race schedule to this fact as well.

2012-05-01 Danderydsloppet, 10K
2012-05-27 Täbyloppet, 10K
2012-06-09 Österråkermilen, 10K
2012-09-08 Brottbyrundan, 10K
2012-09-15 Stockholm halfmarathon, 21K
2012-10-14 Hässelbyloppet, 10K

There are also some races that look interesting that could make it based on later decisions.
2012-06-30 Runrundan, 21K
2012-12-31 Nyårsloppet, 10K

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