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Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's a sandbox?

Reflecting on yesterdays events at Old Trafford. A lot of the involved need to grow up and shut up. I did not see the game myself but have seen the handshake debacle on the internet and I feel it's hard to judge who did what and both players have some responsibility for what happened. Evra also did not handle his post game celebrations in the best manner. I think the only one who handle the situation with some dignity was Alex Ferguson who directly after the game said that both the players was wrong. Certainly Dalglish did not handle the post game interview correctly.

I think that there was some long talks today at LFC and this is why we see an apology from Suarez and one from Dalglish. I can not believe that Suarez have the feelings that are included in his apology and I say that as an Liverpool fan since -73.

I also have not looked in to why the Terry - Ferdinand handsake was cancelled when Chelsea played West Ham a couple of weeks ago but it was pretty clear that something like what we did see yesterday was going to happen based on how the situation has been handled by all involved since October last year. Why was this handshake not cancelled? I mean it should not have to be cancelled and both players could have been the better person and reached out to the other before the game and decide to settle the score on the pitch with their respecive teams.

I would like all to put this behind themselfs and get on with the games but it is an unlikely scenario.


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