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Friday, August 10, 2012

Videos from my smartphone

So I have a bunch of videos on my HTC Desire (smartphone). Since I'm most likely will be switching phone in a near future I decided to upload them to YouTube. You can see them there, just look me up on YouTube my name is mavillen. But I also decided to post some of them in a post here on the blog.

First video is from last winter and when me and Hannah went out for some sledding in the park next to our house. Hannah really liked this run. (Sorry for the orientation in this video) 

Second video is from June when we went to a birthday party for Jess. I got this little video when Hannah, Jacob, Jasmine and Jess was going back to the house for cake after some outside play. These four are all born within 3 months of each other.

Third video is of Norah laughing as Sarah is tickling her. She does like to smile and laugh.

Fourth video is once again the wrong orientation but I don't have the energy to find a move editing software to change it right now. Hannah was with me and Jack on a walk and wanted to help out after I hade cleaned up one of Jack's #2's. So she proceeded to put the bag in her Scooter bag until we reached a trashcan and could despose of said bag with it's crappy content.

Enjoy and thanks for reading and viewing.