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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stockholm Transport Museum

Today we went to the Stockholm Transport Museum as family activity since it was supposed to be a rainy day and none of us had been beore. Driving over there and finding parking was easy and we actually had to wait in the sun for a couple of minutes for them to open. After getting in Hannah was of looking att everything at once. Here she is underneath a bus.

Then checking out a old Roslagsbanan train and a old street car.

After lunch it was time to ride the mini-subway with mommy.

Also in the same location is the Toy musem with you get access to with the same ticket and in the Toy museum they have a children's theater. Hannah found a horse and rode it in to the sunset, well maybe not...

Some of the toys you are allowed to use for a small fee. Anne played 2 songs on an old jukebox and Aaron found this pinball machine in a corner and looked like he was having fun.

After a fika Hannah and Mommy and grandpa went to the theater for a play about a little rabbit that gets lost and I was told it was fun, probably not as fun as playing with Norah though.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

B2R shoes

Read the book and now interested in the shoes...

I guess I should use my VFF's more first.

Have a good one!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Prank gone wrong?

I watched the 13 min movie trailer of the Innocence of muslims that has angered muslims around the world and even led to people being killed in different circumstances.

However sad it is that people have lost their lifes because of this, it is to me obvious that this is nothing to take serious and waste your time on. This is the "work" that should be disregarded and the people who worked on this are disturbed and no serious government condone this. It is rubbish and it is time to move on with our life's.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This date have many feelings attached to it. For myself there are several things that come to mind.Most obvious is off course the terrible events that occured in New York and Washington DC in 2001. I had just moved back to Sweden from San Francisco just a couple of weeks before and my thought were with people that I knew that were still living in various places in the US and having to go on with their lifes, including travelling.
Another sad event was the murder of the swedish foreign minister Anna Lind in Stockholm. She was attacked while shopping on 9-10 and passed away the day after (9-11). Just a few weeks earlier I had met Sarah when visiting Copenhagen and on 9-11, 2003 I was travelling to to Washington DC for our first meeting. Sarah was not to happy about me travelling on 9-11. I heard about the foreign ministers passing in a hotell in Copenhagen before going to hte airport.
I also heard on radio yesterday that 9-11 was the day when the swedish race driver Ronnie Pettersson passed away in 1978 after his crash at Monza in Italy.

I'm sure that there are other dates that also have been unlucky but 9-11 is what our generations have to face for years to come. With the nature of what happend in New York and DC the events that unfolded in the years after.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Went to see a client last week and was greeted by this in the reception area.


I was the full delegation from Sergel on that day.

Find unread emails in Gmail

I was going through my emails in gmail and getting rid of a bunch of emails that was of no use or wirth saving. FOr the longest time I was doing what Google want you to do and that is not deleting any emails what so ever so that they can use the emails when indexing your profile and do what they do, show you ads that their algorithm thinks that you want to see. Well that strategy ended with me having 1.000's of unread emails in my inbox. For a while I was trying put tags on each email but there was just to many to keep up with. Now I keep the ones that are important to me for some reason.

I still had 40 some unread emails among the 1056 emails in the inbox. So I was wanting to list only those emails and finally found a solution. Type


into the search box in Gmail and you'll get a list of the unread in your inbox.

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It's here

The iPhone 4s is here. I mean, my iPhone is here. I just configured it and downloaded some apps. So far I like it.