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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This date have many feelings attached to it. For myself there are several things that come to mind.Most obvious is off course the terrible events that occured in New York and Washington DC in 2001. I had just moved back to Sweden from San Francisco just a couple of weeks before and my thought were with people that I knew that were still living in various places in the US and having to go on with their lifes, including travelling.
Another sad event was the murder of the swedish foreign minister Anna Lind in Stockholm. She was attacked while shopping on 9-10 and passed away the day after (9-11). Just a few weeks earlier I had met Sarah when visiting Copenhagen and on 9-11, 2003 I was travelling to to Washington DC for our first meeting. Sarah was not to happy about me travelling on 9-11. I heard about the foreign ministers passing in a hotell in Copenhagen before going to hte airport.
I also heard on radio yesterday that 9-11 was the day when the swedish race driver Ronnie Pettersson passed away in 1978 after his crash at Monza in Italy.

I'm sure that there are other dates that also have been unlucky but 9-11 is what our generations have to face for years to come. With the nature of what happend in New York and DC the events that unfolded in the years after.

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