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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Find unread emails in Gmail

I was going through my emails in gmail and getting rid of a bunch of emails that was of no use or wirth saving. FOr the longest time I was doing what Google want you to do and that is not deleting any emails what so ever so that they can use the emails when indexing your profile and do what they do, show you ads that their algorithm thinks that you want to see. Well that strategy ended with me having 1.000's of unread emails in my inbox. For a while I was trying put tags on each email but there was just to many to keep up with. Now I keep the ones that are important to me for some reason.

I still had 40 some unread emails among the 1056 emails in the inbox. So I was wanting to list only those emails and finally found a solution. Type


into the search box in Gmail and you'll get a list of the unread in your inbox.

Thanx for reading...


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