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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stockholm Transport Museum

Today we went to the Stockholm Transport Museum as family activity since it was supposed to be a rainy day and none of us had been beore. Driving over there and finding parking was easy and we actually had to wait in the sun for a couple of minutes for them to open. After getting in Hannah was of looking att everything at once. Here she is underneath a bus.

Then checking out a old Roslagsbanan train and a old street car.

After lunch it was time to ride the mini-subway with mommy.

Also in the same location is the Toy musem with you get access to with the same ticket and in the Toy museum they have a children's theater. Hannah found a horse and rode it in to the sunset, well maybe not...

Some of the toys you are allowed to use for a small fee. Anne played 2 songs on an old jukebox and Aaron found this pinball machine in a corner and looked like he was having fun.

After a fika Hannah and Mommy and grandpa went to the theater for a play about a little rabbit that gets lost and I was told it was fun, probably not as fun as playing with Norah though.

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