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Monday, November 26, 2012


So, last week I went on a trip to Dortmund to do some work with the guys at our Partner there and this was my second trip this year. I did travel down on the sunday before the monday and tuesdays meetings. I was booked on SAS and could only hope that they would not go bankrupt during the trip. But I guess our travel agent would have found a way to get me home if that had happend.

From the hotelroom I had a partial view  of the Dormund football arena, home of the yellow wall,  and some of the Rurh landscape.

See previous post for the sunday night dinner.

German conference room are differently equipped, be cause you never know when you will have the need to heat something up in the microwave oven.

Tuesday lunch was decent Pizza and a non-alcholic beverage called Vita Malz. This is brewed by DAB, Dortmunder Actien Brauerei. It was ok tasting.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekly update 2012-11-18

Currently in a hotelroom in Dortmund and having changed the channel away from "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" dubbed in german and found CNN non dubbed version. This week was interrupted by sickness with myself and with my airline, SAS. As of now I don't know if SAS will be in business on tuesday when I'm supposed to travel back to Sweden. I will have to keep updated tomorrow to see if I have to rebook. I'm sure I'll get home somehowe. Otherwise I'm here in Dortmund for meetings for two days Just had a lovely Wienerschnitzel and beers for dinner (see picture).

Monday, November 12, 2012

(late) Update for 2012-11-11

First of all congratulations to Auntie Beth from all of us in Sweden. Hope you had a fabulous day

I was thinking about that all I could write about would sound like a bunch of complaints and it is always nice if you can avoid that. So I avoid that and recommend a fantastic album instead.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekly roundup 2012-11-04

Being inspired by a friend who writes a blog entry every day for a year I will try to do a post every week. Last sunday me and Hannah went to the AWC halloween party at Andy's in Sickla. We tried to go all in the family but the timing did not work for Norah unfortunately. Hannah went as a Kangaroo and truly enjoyed the trampolin and I had to jump on there to get her off to let the other kids get their turn. Dinner this sunday was half a hotdog and candy (happy times!).

Next up this week was the conclusion of the 2012 World Series and Doug Glanville sums it up pretty good.

It's all about getting hot at the right time of the year and that is what the San Francisco Giants did this year again, just like 2010. Something clicked for the team in the play off's and there was surprising contributions from players like Barry Zito with superb pitching (even if some say opponents made him better than his pitching) and Tim Lincecum who excelled in a relief role and who expected the Kung Fu Panda to hit 3 homeruns in game one agains the Tigers, and Justin Verlander (2 HR's).

Friday was a halfday at work so I took the day off but went to work anyway because Hannah has been asking to go to work. So we went on the train and subway all the way to my office. Did one hour of work but mostly spent the time have coffee break. After being done at the office we went to meet Odella for lunch at Skanstull. After lunch we went to the playground Bryggartäppan close to Skanstull.

Here is Hannah riding the Horse they have at Bryggartäppan.

Today we went to Bergianska trädgården to take some family pictures with a friend of ours. Hannah was her own self and had a hard time smiling for the camera but I hope we got some good ones. Have to get back to you on that. I like the one I got of Hannah running through the leafs.

Here is Breigh, Hanna and Sarah working hard to get a good picture of Norah.

In the afternoon we took care of a second Halloween party for the season and it was now time for me to get dressed up. Here I am with my little Pumpkin, Norah.

Here is Norah with Mommy. In the backgroun is Hannah reading books in the middle of the party. She truly enjoys books which many grandparents can attest to.

Here is Pumpkin Nora with Skeleton Mylén in deep discussion....

So this is the first weekly round up, thanks for reading.