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Thursday, March 21, 2013

30 years later

A couple of days ago I for some reason looked up my result from Stockholm Marathon 1984 and here it is.

Result Stockholm Marathon 1984

So it got me thinking that it might be interesting to see if I could beat that 3:52:06  30 years later. I would be disappointed if I did not since I now have decided more than a year ahead. However I do realize that many things can happen in terms of injuries and changes in the puzzle of life. I have a race plan for this year that I will post here in a couple of days.

3:52:06, that equals 5:30 min per kilometer and I hope that I can better that by at least 30 seconds, 42,2 kilometers is far so many things can happen along the race rout as well? With decent training I'm sure I can do it!

Well there is my goal when I go out for my runs the next 14 months.

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