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Sunday, March 24, 2013

St Maarten - Part 1

Vacation time in february this year meant getting on a plan that was suppsed to first find a very small island in the middle of a very large ocean and then land on a runway that practically starts on the beach. It looks like this on Youtube. Both those activities went fine and then a pillow fight broke out in our section of the plan and Hannah took one in the head. I guess that is some kind of French tradition.

But lets back up a few hours. The plane had taken off from Paris Charles de Gaulle and to get on that plane we had taken an AirFrance flight from Stockholm 2 days earlier and booked a hotel at the airport. The plan was to go in to Paris and get a feel for the city and be living close to the flight Saturday morning.

Paris in the rain is still Paris and it is definitely a city I would like to go back and visit again. We started out with taking the subway to the Notre Dame station. No surprise the Notre Dame cathedral was right there so we decided to go in and out of the rain. That cathedral is big, not St Peter big but big. After this we decided it was time for lunch and picked the place on the corner. As we would find on more places no high chairs and barely english spoken but good food.

After lunch we took a walk along the Siene and got on a river tour boat that showed us most of the sights. Here are some photos from the boat.

Eiffel tower

One of the many bridges that we passed under

Hannah taking it all in
Back on land we walked over to the Louvre Museum and that is big! We decided that we had not enough time to go in and even browse a section and that it was not the best for the girls. We walked the streets of Paris and took in the atmosphere and a snack before getting on the subway back to the hotel and the airport.

Next morning we had to separate as the taxis could not produce child seats. So I took the luggage in a taxi and Sarah took the girls on the train from terminal 2 to terminal 3. I have to say that were treated way better than what the reputation would have you believe in the airport. At security they showed us to the line where airline staff go through and one of the ladies at security took care of Norah while we did the security shuffle. Later at the gate familys with small children got to board with first class.

So there it is, part one of our vacation. 

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