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Monday, April 29, 2013

Bridges of Hägernäs

After a busy weekend I manged to get out for an evening run Sunday night. It had been since the previous saturday I had run. I decided to do what I call The Bridges of Hägernäs. It's a loop of 1.35 km which passes under and over the highway outside our house. The total elevation gain/loss on the lap is 25 m. I did 7 laps for 9.44 km in 45 min and the last time up the Hill was the fastest.

Here are the details of the run,

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Hobbit

Just finished The Hobbit by Tolkien. Just as with The Lord of the Ring I wanted to read the book(s) before watching the movie. I think Jackson will have added more action and darkness to the movie than how I read the book.

Thanx for reading,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cold feet...

....or actually one cold foot. On last nights evening run (9pm start) I had decided to go through a park in Näsby Park but Had not realized that there was no lights on the path I was going to run. The path was dry in the beginning and then i had to go over some ice, which was not a problem until the en of the ice where I ended up stepping in to a deep water puddle that totally soaked my right shoe, sock and foot. This was 6,5 km in to the run andI had 5 km's to go. The foot quick got rather cold but got warmer as I continued running.

Maybe the incident got me increasing my speed but I had also decided to go for it the last part of the run. Overall happy with the run.

Today I will sign up for the SpringCross 18km next Saturday and Täbyloppet on May 26th where Hannah will join me.