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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cold feet...

....or actually one cold foot. On last nights evening run (9pm start) I had decided to go through a park in Näsby Park but Had not realized that there was no lights on the path I was going to run. The path was dry in the beginning and then i had to go over some ice, which was not a problem until the en of the ice where I ended up stepping in to a deep water puddle that totally soaked my right shoe, sock and foot. This was 6,5 km in to the run andI had 5 km's to go. The foot quick got rather cold but got warmer as I continued running.

Maybe the incident got me increasing my speed but I had also decided to go for it the last part of the run. Overall happy with the run.

Today I will sign up for the SpringCross 18km next Saturday and Täbyloppet on May 26th where Hannah will join me.

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