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Friday, January 24, 2014

Posted on on January 20th
So snow finally arrived in Täby, and for you who are not familiar with the area, this is very late for us to get our first snow. Green Christmas and New yesrs are not common around here, though more common now than 40 years ago. Wow did I just write that and can claim to know from my own experience? Personally I like the winter season and the snow.
On Saturday we went out into our local park all of us for some snow play even if all were not feeling a 100% some fun was had. I caught this little video of the girls.

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2014-01-23 Running

Posted on on January 23rd

Not much to report except that I have run with Jack 4 days in a row now.
Here are the details,

Training 2014-01-20

Posted on on January 21st

I'll start dating these articles instead of coming up with creative names at least if it is just a training report.
SO continuity was in danger with laying of running for some time to take care of sick family members (kiddos) last week and I had a hard time finding time in the evenings as well. Basically I had to do some work then since I was not going to work. Well last night I strapped on the running shoes and took Jack for a 4,2 km walk-run-walk session. He really gets into it after he get all his duties done.
Here are the details of the run.
After getting back in I did my strength and stability exercises and measured today's number (70,0).

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Running with the dog

 Published on on January 9th

Today's training effort was a slow run-walk-run with Jack the Dog to give him and me some exercise. No Garmin or App to record the distance and pace which is nice some times. I estimate the distance to 4 km. Usually Jack likes these runs but today he was not really in to it. It could be because it has been a while or that it was raining which all that knows him knows that this is not his element. Well he is resting on the couch now. Maybe we'll go at it again tomorrow morning.
After we got home I did my strength and balance board exercises.
Todays number: 69,2

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Running slow

Posted on 2013-01-08;

I read somewhere that running slow is as imprtant as running fast in training. Actually most of our runs should be not be running to set a new PR on that perticular round or distance but running in Heart Rate Zone 2. So that's what I set out to do yesterday evening. This time I had to wing it because I have not determined my different HRZ's yet. There is a description Eric Orton's book Cool Impossible but I have not had the time to go to the track and do this. So for last nights run I decided that i would keep the heart rate between 130 and 150.  I did a pretty good job, the hard part is to keep the pace down to prevent the heart rate to go up. I ended up running the 8+ km's in just under 50 minutes.

Details here 

Also on this run I did get out even is it was late in the evening and all the chores at home had been done. There will be more of those in the coming months.

Today's number: 69,0

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cross training

Published on on 2014-01-04;

As I wrote yesterday I was planning to go running with the running stroller today and I was going to try to make it 15-16 km. Unfortunately it was raining and there is no raincover for the stroller and it was not all that warm either for that matter. I had to cancel, got to think about the little ones first sometimes. I was thinking I could get out after bedtime for the run, but not today. Instead I opted to go out on the balcony to my "Balcony"-trainer. It it truly boring to sit there in the dark so some good podcasts or music are needed. For the 35 min session tonight I listened to the latest episode of Trail Runner Nation.
Here are the details of the session.
I should do some strenght excercises as well (let's hope since I have some more to write).
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First run 2014

Published on on 2014-01-04;
The cleaning out and donation project went on today and with more boxes being unloaded and things sorted in different piles and bags. Lots of things were taken and thrown in the dumpster and more bags were donated. We now have no boxes without a plan sitting in the livingroom and that feels great. I squeezed in a run beore getting the kids from daycare. A variation of running around the near by lake. There is a trail all around it and if you take the shorest rout it's about 7 km but there are lots of roads and trails connected to it and you can easily extend the run for many km's. Unfortunately there was a little problem with our hot water when I got bacck so no shower before the pick up. Warm water had returned for a later shower however. We did celebrate shabbat with dinner tonight. It is getting more importand now that Hannah is almost 5 to do this so that the girls get the traditions.
Here are the details from the run that contained a few stops for train passings and to make sure the Garmin was still recording.
Hoping to take Norah for a run in the stroller tomorrow for her nap while the others are enjoying Disney on Ice. We will see how thongs unfold.
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Getting 2014 started

Published on on 2014-01-02;
However not started running yet in 2014. We had a day off work with the kids off at daycare for 6½ hours and we elected to put up some paintings after our late summer renvations. Since we live in a building from -61 there are some pretty though concrete to battle in some of the walls to get screws in, but with the right tools no problem. The place looks better with some of the artwork back up again. Also we tried to go trough some boxes to throw out some stuff and donate some stuff and some is in a box that is supposed to go to a store that sells used kids stuff on commission (it's still here because the store is closed and to be filled up with mre stuff). This project continues tomorrow in an effort to lessen the number of moving boxes in our livingtoom and some of our clutter around here.
I was going to get on the "Balcony"-trainer for a half hour session but opted to do some strength training with the elastic bands, push ups etc. and finally started with my homemade slantboard. Those slantboard exercises from Erik Orton's The Cool Impossible are hard and you can feel the burn in the leg muscles. Need to do them 3-4 times a week.
Today's number: 69,2

5 Months to go

Posted on on 2013-12-30

Ater not being able to run for over a month I'm starting to feel the marathon getting closer and i need to get some consistent training the next couple of months to be able to fullfill my goal of beating my time from 1984, 3:52. I still feel confident I can do it. I also hope to be able to do it with out following a training program which i think is really hard to do in my situation, lots of work and small kida and that little dog to take care of.
The last week Ihave gotten 3 runs in for a restart to training.
2013-12-25, ran 6,25 km in the dark and in the rain trhough Vikarbyn. I guess it's time to get through the though sessions now. I was going to run up Hjortgårdsvägen but there were no street lights for the second half  och the ascend. I usually run the 3 km's up to the top, but turned of when the light stopped.  Details here.
2013-12-27, Added 20% in distance for 7,78 km. I'm not thinking of pace as of now just trying to get in to a rythm for each run that feels comfortable so staing away from the faster paces until I get in better shape again. Then I will add speed workoutsat the track och a flat path somewhere. This run was during the day so I got some sun and it felt better than the preavious one. I went alsmost the same rout but extended the ascend up Hjortgårdsvägen and turned back a little further away. Details here.
203-12-29, Back home and got some time to go out and add another 20% of distance up to .9,51 km. I switched it up and ran around the lake (Rönningesjön) the opposite direction from what I usually do. I did it ecause then I could add some extra distance on the trails starting at Skavlöten. I felt good and strong through out the run and at one time i also checked my cadence and it seems to be right around 170-180 where it should be for trail running. Details here.
Thats the restart of the marathon training and hopefully the start of more consistency, I also today got on my bike which I set up with a trainer on my balcony since no one is using it during the winter. I did 30 minutes, which would not have been doable without listening to a podcast for distraction. Hopeully that was the first of many sessions on that bike for the winter
thanks for reading.

Last of 2013

Posted on on 2014-01-01;

I managed to get one more in before the end of the year. I packed Norah in the running stroller since she needed to take a nap anyway and I figured sho could do it on the road. Normally you should not be able to that on New Years Eve but with the winter we are experiancing this year we can, and no snow in sight for us! Well it makes it easier to get your runs in and I love brining Norah along, I just hope she enjoys it as much. We manahged to get 13+ km's in before we got back. THis run also it in with the strategy of not focusing on pace. I feel pretty good about being able to go from 6 km to 13+ km in less than a week without any hick-ups after the long break from running. The challange now is to keep the consistency gooing with a more running every other day.  
Details here
I posted a picture of us coming home on twitter.