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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cross training

Published on on 2014-01-04;

As I wrote yesterday I was planning to go running with the running stroller today and I was going to try to make it 15-16 km. Unfortunately it was raining and there is no raincover for the stroller and it was not all that warm either for that matter. I had to cancel, got to think about the little ones first sometimes. I was thinking I could get out after bedtime for the run, but not today. Instead I opted to go out on the balcony to my "Balcony"-trainer. It it truly boring to sit there in the dark so some good podcasts or music are needed. For the 35 min session tonight I listened to the latest episode of Trail Runner Nation.
Here are the details of the session.
I should do some strenght excercises as well (let's hope since I have some more to write).
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