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Saturday, January 4, 2014

First run 2014

Published on on 2014-01-04;
The cleaning out and donation project went on today and with more boxes being unloaded and things sorted in different piles and bags. Lots of things were taken and thrown in the dumpster and more bags were donated. We now have no boxes without a plan sitting in the livingroom and that feels great. I squeezed in a run beore getting the kids from daycare. A variation of running around the near by lake. There is a trail all around it and if you take the shorest rout it's about 7 km but there are lots of roads and trails connected to it and you can easily extend the run for many km's. Unfortunately there was a little problem with our hot water when I got bacck so no shower before the pick up. Warm water had returned for a later shower however. We did celebrate shabbat with dinner tonight. It is getting more importand now that Hannah is almost 5 to do this so that the girls get the traditions.
Here are the details from the run that contained a few stops for train passings and to make sure the Garmin was still recording.
Hoping to take Norah for a run in the stroller tomorrow for her nap while the others are enjoying Disney on Ice. We will see how thongs unfold.
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