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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Getting 2014 started

Published on on 2014-01-02;
However not started running yet in 2014. We had a day off work with the kids off at daycare for 6½ hours and we elected to put up some paintings after our late summer renvations. Since we live in a building from -61 there are some pretty though concrete to battle in some of the walls to get screws in, but with the right tools no problem. The place looks better with some of the artwork back up again. Also we tried to go trough some boxes to throw out some stuff and donate some stuff and some is in a box that is supposed to go to a store that sells used kids stuff on commission (it's still here because the store is closed and to be filled up with mre stuff). This project continues tomorrow in an effort to lessen the number of moving boxes in our livingtoom and some of our clutter around here.
I was going to get on the "Balcony"-trainer for a half hour session but opted to do some strength training with the elastic bands, push ups etc. and finally started with my homemade slantboard. Those slantboard exercises from Erik Orton's The Cool Impossible are hard and you can feel the burn in the leg muscles. Need to do them 3-4 times a week.
Today's number: 69,2

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