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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Running slow

Posted on 2013-01-08;

I read somewhere that running slow is as imprtant as running fast in training. Actually most of our runs should be not be running to set a new PR on that perticular round or distance but running in Heart Rate Zone 2. So that's what I set out to do yesterday evening. This time I had to wing it because I have not determined my different HRZ's yet. There is a description Eric Orton's book Cool Impossible but I have not had the time to go to the track and do this. So for last nights run I decided that i would keep the heart rate between 130 and 150.  I did a pretty good job, the hard part is to keep the pace down to prevent the heart rate to go up. I ended up running the 8+ km's in just under 50 minutes.

Details here 

Also on this run I did get out even is it was late in the evening and all the chores at home had been done. There will be more of those in the coming months.

Today's number: 69,0

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