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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Football finale

Yet another season of football is done for Hannah. Today was her last practice before the summer break. She has had fun even if it has been hard with the concentration at times but what can you expect from 6yo's at 4:30 pm on Sundays. All the girls have made big progess this season and soon it will look like football like you and I know it. As long as Hannah days she wants to go I'll keep signing her up and taking her to practice. Games are still a couple of years away and we will see if we are still around, but for now we are having a great time.

Norah have been at practice almost every week and have been kept kicking the ball around and can't wait for her age group to get a team going.


Half marathon cancelled

As the title suggests there was no half marathon this weekend for me. I would have liked to run it but there is one thing that I don't like with most races here in Sweden and that is the starting time. I have not seen any races that have a starting time before 11:00 for the main race. I guess there is upsides with this such as you don't have to get up at sunset to get ready for the starting line. The obvious downside is that a noon starting time for a half marathon is that there are not other plans can be fit in to race day and that was the problem here. We have several thing tha needed to get done this weekend so blocking of 3+ hours from 11am was not gonna be done. Fortunately I made it out for 1:43 min run over aprox. 18 km with a start at 9am instead.  I ran the trails that start in our back yard and the closest trail system connects with he system for another area and you can "build" your own round while you are out there and can adjust to how you are feeling and how it is going.

I also had to "free" run it since the old Garmin FR305 refused to start up but it is nice to just get up there and run by feel. I was however not with out data collection, I started the Endomondo app on my iPhone and put it in my runners belt. But sitting there in the belt I have no real access to it to check time and pace etc. I just had my every day watch to check for the approximate time.When you don't have to check the GPS all the time for the right pace/HR/distance you can get more in tune with your form and fix any problems there. Also since I was running trails rather than roads it is easier to connect with nature and notice that fuzzy caterpillar crawling across the trail.

Anyhoo here is the screenshot from Endomondo

After getting the dog walked and taking a shower we went to lunch with some friends at the local Pizza place and having spent some 1400 cal I could enjoy a salami pizza which is always a good choice for me.

After the nice lunch we we shopping for new furniture for our new place. That is so hard with all the choices that are out there and somewhat different preferences....also the patience of  3 and 6 year olds is somewhat limited. But all in all a good day.

PS! The FR305 decided to start today after a 36 hour strike. Let's hope it start on tuesday (or when the next run is) or I'll have to get a new one.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Week update

After midsummer there has not been much to report other than just normal stuff from a normal week.
 My mom stayed with us for a couple of nights and helped out with Hannah and Norah. Initially this was because I had a business trip but it was only a over the day trip. It still fit her schedule since had to drop my dad of at the hospital in Uppsala for his treatment (which I won't go into here).

I donated som fluid to those in need.


She took them to daycare in the mornings which allowed them to sleep in a little.

We are getting closer to getting the keys to our new apartment and our vacation is getting closer and there are lots of little things to get sorted out for both of those.

Lots of planned training runs have been  dropped the last couple of weeks but yesterday evening I got one in. The weather and temperature was very suitable for a run and I got almost 10 k in at a decent pace.
If it works out logistically I will run a half-marathon in Vallentuna this weekend. If I do that I will take it as a training run since I'm not really in racing form and you should be in decent form to race this course. Here is the course profile.


Friday, June 19, 2015


Glad Midsommar,

What is a Swedish midsummer without some rain, well not midsummer....
This year it was just sprinkles and not the usual downpour 
But first things first. Aftter breakfast Sarah took the girls out to pick some flowers that initalliy was going to be for flower crowns but we just put them in the apartment.
I on the other hand went for a run in the woods instead. Perfect weather for a run.
In the afternoon we ventured back to Rönninge By to check out the festivities and participated in some games (pictures not published) and the traditional pony riding.
The day was concluded with barbeque dinner and berries for desert.

Glad Midsommar.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Monday June 15th

This morning started of as all other mornings, walking with Jack between 5:30 to 6:15. This morning we decided to walk where we rarely walk but the rising sun took us past Rönninge By and on the back road home to Hägernäs again. The sun had just risen above the tree line and enlighted our walk.
I love this area of Täby with all it's dirt roads, paths and trails. I will miss the easy access once we move.

On the way to work we picked up a new car seat for Norah and the Sarah dropped me of at the office.

In the evening we got deliveres for the food drive Sarah helped organize through her Facebook group Täby Mums for a friend who's husband is in the hospital.
I thnk four people have dropped of full dinners that Sarah will deliver today. I'm so proud of her.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday fun

Sunday brought on a emergency booking of the laundry room to wash most of our bedding since Norah had a early morning peepee accident. 

After this we went to a Täby Mums picknick in Näsby Park. The weather was't really at it's best. Fun was had by all on a various playground equipment especially on the zip line. 

Unfortunately someone brought a grocery bag full of candy which ended up with us. We did share but still have lots of it. We have to find takers for some of it.

Sunday also means Football practice with Viggan F09. Hannah likes it but has problem with concentration, as do some of the others, late on Sunday afternoon. Norah came as well is getting good, for a 3 year old.

Finished the day with listening to the Sweden vs. Montenegro game on radio during my evening 12km run.  By the time evening had rolled around the weather had turned fantastic which made  for a good run. 

Now listening to the Giants game via the AtBat app. Oh, Sweden are winners, 3-1, and sitting in second place.

Good night,

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kite flying

Hannah got a little kite for her birthday and we went out and tried it out on a windy day ( and there were no shortage of those in May). We snapped a few pictures to capture the event.


Morning activity

on this morning walk  with Jack I wish I had a rod or a net..



Birthday outing

This year Hannah decided not to have a a regular birthday party. So instead we invited Anton and Lea for a visit to the Technical Museum in Stockholm for the day. Their parents dropped them off at 9:20 am and they stayed with us until 3 pm. We took care of the whole day with museum visit, lunch and fika*.

Outside the museum they have this plane that kids are allowed to climb on. This was combined with a short snack to tie them over until lunch.
Then we got inside and started to check out all the stuff they have there. The first favourite was the tractor simulator where you can move the digger.
Here is Anton trying it out.

Pretty soon we made it the the kids area and spent most if the time until lunch there. Highlight here was this.

After a lunch of pancakes for the kids and something good for the grown ups it was back to exploring the exhibits. At this time the had one called Digital Revolution  the showed the evolution of computers and computer games. It was nicer for someone like me than 6 year olds, but we soon found the mine exhibit and walked around some mine shafts from different ages.

 The three  mischief's in the mine.

We all had a great day and I think all fel asleep pretty easy that night.


* Fika is Swedish for coffee break.