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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Half marathon cancelled

As the title suggests there was no half marathon this weekend for me. I would have liked to run it but there is one thing that I don't like with most races here in Sweden and that is the starting time. I have not seen any races that have a starting time before 11:00 for the main race. I guess there is upsides with this such as you don't have to get up at sunset to get ready for the starting line. The obvious downside is that a noon starting time for a half marathon is that there are not other plans can be fit in to race day and that was the problem here. We have several thing tha needed to get done this weekend so blocking of 3+ hours from 11am was not gonna be done. Fortunately I made it out for 1:43 min run over aprox. 18 km with a start at 9am instead.  I ran the trails that start in our back yard and the closest trail system connects with he system for another area and you can "build" your own round while you are out there and can adjust to how you are feeling and how it is going.

I also had to "free" run it since the old Garmin FR305 refused to start up but it is nice to just get up there and run by feel. I was however not with out data collection, I started the Endomondo app on my iPhone and put it in my runners belt. But sitting there in the belt I have no real access to it to check time and pace etc. I just had my every day watch to check for the approximate time.When you don't have to check the GPS all the time for the right pace/HR/distance you can get more in tune with your form and fix any problems there. Also since I was running trails rather than roads it is easier to connect with nature and notice that fuzzy caterpillar crawling across the trail.

Anyhoo here is the screenshot from Endomondo

After getting the dog walked and taking a shower we went to lunch with some friends at the local Pizza place and having spent some 1400 cal I could enjoy a salami pizza which is always a good choice for me.

After the nice lunch we we shopping for new furniture for our new place. That is so hard with all the choices that are out there and somewhat different preferences....also the patience of  3 and 6 year olds is somewhat limited. But all in all a good day.

PS! The FR305 decided to start today after a 36 hour strike. Let's hope it start on tuesday (or when the next run is) or I'll have to get a new one.


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