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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday fun

Sunday brought on a emergency booking of the laundry room to wash most of our bedding since Norah had a early morning peepee accident. 

After this we went to a Täby Mums picknick in Näsby Park. The weather was't really at it's best. Fun was had by all on a various playground equipment especially on the zip line. 

Unfortunately someone brought a grocery bag full of candy which ended up with us. We did share but still have lots of it. We have to find takers for some of it.

Sunday also means Football practice with Viggan F09. Hannah likes it but has problem with concentration, as do some of the others, late on Sunday afternoon. Norah came as well is getting good, for a 3 year old.

Finished the day with listening to the Sweden vs. Montenegro game on radio during my evening 12km run.  By the time evening had rolled around the weather had turned fantastic which made  for a good run. 

Now listening to the Giants game via the AtBat app. Oh, Sweden are winners, 3-1, and sitting in second place.

Good night,

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