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Monday, July 6, 2015


It seems like good idea to go to the big warehouse and order a brunch of flat boxes of furniture. Then  all of a sudden those boxes are sitting in your home and not getting unpacked or put together by themselves. That is when you realise that there was maybe a flaw to the plan. We might have cheated this time by buying assemby of the items from IKEA. They send 2 guys that build it for you while you are looking on or as in my case worked at what I'm good at. The assebled  this closet and attached it to the wall fairly quick

The after (Saturday) I built Hannah's new bed with hired help Frank and it took us a good 2 hours but it looks good sitting there waiting in her room.

Next project is Sarahs desk and I half way through that. Hopefully I'm done before we go to the US on friday.

Then I have 6 chairs and a dining table waiting for me when I het back.

On Sunday I felt the building work on the back of my legs. When you walk around bent over for a couple of hours you feel it.
But I did not put it down as a workout.