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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What does the whale say?

Ever since we decided to stay in Long Beach I had wanted to go on a whale watching cruise as one of the day activities to do and I also thought the girls would like it. The day before we thought we could just go down to Huntington Beach and hop on a boat and go. Luckily we called ahead and found out that that was not the case. This time we had reservations when we hit the 405 S highway guided by the GPS. We thought that rush hour would be over by 9ish when we got out there but thanks to the carpool lane we made it to our scheduled cruise on time. When they left the dock we positioned us in a good location for seeing some see creatures.
Similar ship to the one we were on.

The girls enjoying the sea

Once we got about 1-2 miles of the coast Sarah unfortunately was affected by the motion of the see and spent the rest of the cruise inside. Pretty soon the captain said that we had a whale in our area but it had just dived. We hung around for 7-10 minutes to see if it was going to surface again but it did not so the captain decided to move on and it was not long before we came in contact with a blue whale.

Let's hope this is a blue whale...

Physss goes the whale.

We saw at least one more blue whale and a humpback whale. The humpback was about 10 feet of the boat and it was not until after that it hit you that he/she probably could have over turned the boat if it wanted. I got no good pictures of the humpback though.

One of the blue whales did show it's tail which by the reaction of the captain seemed to be a big deal. Here are my pictures of that.

There are many more pics of the whales but not so many exciting ones.

After we got back on dry land we had some lunch and right by the restaurant there was a ferris wheel that Hanna wanted to go on so me and the girls went on it and it was great.

Top of the world

After the Ferris wheel we picked up Sarah headed over to a an arcade with games and had some fun.
Biker Norah

It moves....soooo much fun!


Jim comes home

On Sunday after we arrived Jim came home to Long Beach where we were staying with his Mom. Unfortunately Norah had come down with some type of infection in her throat and chest. She probably got it on the flights coming over from Sweden. We were actually in the minivan going to a whale watching cruise but it turned out to be fully booked and we had decided to to the Long Beach Aquarium instead when we turned around and headed over to the urgent care. While Norah was seeing the doctor the rest of hung out for the rest of the afternoon. Jim ran an errant with his mom etc. After Norah was done and had her medicine we headed down to Belmont Shore and got some food and ice cream (or was that the day before??)
The next day me, Hannah and Jim did the Aquarium and it is an ok aquarium with sme nice exhibits and fun activities. Hannah got to pet a stingray and some small sharks.

Here are some pictures from our visit.

Monday, August 17, 2015


Just wanted to post this to let you know that we are moving to a new apartment this week and this the main reason that I have not been able to finish more posts with pictures from our U.S. adventure because of the stuff is involved with such an activity. For the last 4-5 days I have been at the new apartment each evening doing some type work, such as building some furniture, or just bring some boxes over. All this has limited my to to spend on posting here. I do have to more posts that just need final editing before they can be published.
So be patient.

Kind regards 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Täby to Long Beach

From Täby to Long Beach there are quit a few miles to cover and also a few hours to kill. All were upbeat and excited at the outset of the trip. Time to get this vacation on the road (or in the air to be more specific). Checking in at Arlanda was pretty smooth, here are 2 happy travelers before the security check.
SAS usually does a good job on the transatlantic flights even if the service and the freebees is not what is once was, but that is what it is and we arrived in Chicago ahead of time. They now do automated passport control much like self check out at the grocery store and it was rather fast and without problem. After that we managed to find our luggage and get it through customs and rechecked with United. We usually go to the playground that they have at Terminal-2 at O’Hare and kill some time before our connection to our next destination in the US.
Next destination for us this time was the Santa Ana airport in Orange County south os LA. We choose this airport because we were staying in Long Beach with our friend Meg and thought that this would be a better alternative than flying into LAX and it turned out to be. After getting in to Santa Ana about an our late we got the rental Minivan and could head out on 405 North. I was confident I could fine Megs house without a GPS (our new GPS of Amazon was at her house) and I did live up to that expectation. To our surprise the girls where still awake even though we did not get the house until 9pm but pretty soon after they were sleeping beauties.
Next day we woke up on the early side but bot as early as I had anticipated and after talking to Meg for a little while we headed out in the nice warm weather to get breakfast and set up some phone services etc.
Nothing like starting your trip at the IHOP if you like pancakes.
Later that day we headed over to Seal Beach and the pier. The pier it self is kinda small and does not offer very much entertainment but for newly landed swedes it was nice to just take in the weather and the SoCal atmosphere.
After we left the pier we managed to find some lunch and after that we went back to the house and just hung out before going out to dinner with Meg at the Hof Hut.

Dessert is always popular!

The next day Jim came up from San Diego for a few days. Unfortunately Norah needed to go to the Doctor because she had come down with something and was having a fewer and coughing. We had to go back a few times to sort out everything. This meant that she missed the Long Beach Aquarium. Me and Jim took Hannah there while Sarah stayed home with her. More about that in the next post.