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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Traveling north

After saying goodbye to Meg in Long Beach and the minivan packed we headed out on the 405 N with LAX as our destination. Even though we had lots of time we were happy for the carpool lanes. There are lots of people the use the highways in LA. The only challange really was to find the address to The Alamo rental return but there were no worries in the end. 

It was our first time on Alaska Air and they did a good job from check in to landing in Portland, OR. After 2 hours in the air with some good views of California and Oregon we collected our bags and found the shuttle bus to Alamo (again). After a slight delay related to booster seats, Hannah could choose the color of this minivan. Next battle was with Portland rush hour traffic. This was something we encountered several times during our stay in Portland.

At the hotel we met Aaron and Anne who arrived just a few minutes after us.
After checking in and finding our rooms we headed out to dinner. The choice for better or worse was Applebees close to the hotel.

After getting back to the hotel we settled in to our loft apartment/room and got some decent sleep. After sleep comes breakfast and in at the hotel they had a complementary breakfast buffé. 

Then we headed out to explore the city of Portland. They have decent public transportation which was our choice this day. Without knowing what to do we headed to the riverfront. Here we found some river views and to the joy of the girls a fountain.

Lunch was needed after this exhausting activities but we skipped this offer.

We opted for the Portland Penny Diner.

It's there on the corner.


After this we headed back home to the hotel.


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