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Thursday, October 29, 2015


So trough my work I got invited to the Swedish Cancer Fund's yearly fund raising TV event. I have been invited several years but we have declined but this year we opted to get a babysitter. THe event is a live tv show and that is about it so nothing before or after. We did not dress up like som of the other people that showed up. Since there is no food we stopped at Täby C for some sushi and then headed in to the city (Stockolm) to find suitable parking. We found parking close to Cirkus and had plenty of time to hand in our coats and get a drink (for Sarah and water for me).
Once we were seated we got a good view of some celebrities  taking their seats on the floor closest to the stage and the production team getting ready. A few minutes before the start they gave information what to do and not to do.

Cirkus is a pretty small venue but it might have come off a bigger because the 2 hostesses were running around all the time and getting on camera in different locations.

The show is emotional and involves many confessional segments with different interviews both in tape and live at the venue. All in all a good event that we enjoyed and if we get invited back next year  I think we will go again.

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