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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jack runs

Running with Jack

Talking about running with the old dog and why I have been absent and an upcoming vacation.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A week recap

I did small change this week in I started to wake  the rest of the family about 15 minutes earlier than before and now we are getting out the door10-15 minutes earlier which has been good. Now I'm waiting for the evening adjustment.

Another change I made was that I started to read on my Kjndle again. I'm currently reading Strong Fathers, Strong Daugthers by Dr. Meg Meeker.

Review coming shortly

Friday evening me and the girls did a short movie night since Sarah was out on a ladies night. The movie was not really a movie. We found 4 episodes with the characters from Madagascar who celebrate different holidays.

Saturday started with a 4km run with the dog and he was going strong to the end and could have gone further but with him still adjusting to his new medicine dose I can say he is doing so much better then a month ago. 

I had sometime bought a Wi-fi range extender because we have a very poor signal strength i the room we made the master bedroom. We live in building from the 60's with thick concrete walls and this room is a little bit to the side and the signal has to pass through several of these walls. The extender I got I had problems installing because the instruction did not line up with reality. This weekend I had time to go and return it. Well I got a replacement unit. 

This unit did follow the instruction and after a few easy steps we now have full strength signal in the bedroom.

Sunday was funday for us because me and the girls went for lunch at Lily's Burger ( which is a nice diner type burger joint in Hornsberg. The reason we went there was because we were meetingsome friends of mine for lunch and bowling at BallBreaker. Lily's has a pretty good menu with wath seem like handmade patties and most of all not to greasy burgers. I opted for the original and it was very tasty. The girls dissed the chicken nuggets because they did not taste like McDonalds....
After a short walk from Lily's we got to BallBreakers ( a few minutes before they opened the doors. To Hannah delight BallBreaker does what is called disco bowling.

I think all involved had a good time and even though results do not matter, sometimes the do...

In the evening I finished my January running and with the 10km I passed my monthly goal of 100km for the month. Now on to February and the same goal.