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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How we started 2016

Janauary 2nd

What to do on such a day? Saturday and nothing else to do why not a Museum? Lets go! The choice was Swedish Museum of Natural History ( Unfortunately we were not the only ones who made this choice. This museum is free if you just want to see the exhibits. If you want to see a IMAX movie it will cost you a little. 

We spent most our tim in with the dinosaurs who are back. Not that they scared Norah.

Both girls liked the exhibit and but I don't think that they really grasp the concept of dinosaurs and fossils and the fact that they are extinct.

Hannah liked the exhibit about the the human evolution with different skulls of Homo Erectus an other species. But most of all she liked an exhibit with stuffed animals and birds and butter flies of course.

Before the museum I took Jack for a short run just to see if he was feeling better after the veterinarian adjusted his medication. This is the result.

January 3rd

We had a visit from the Parkes and their 3 little ones, Lea, Nora Louise and Alva. First we did some outside winter fun in the snow before we came in for some pancakes and sandwiches for lunch ans nice conversation. Our Norah and Nora Louse go to the same group at daycare and Hannah and Lea used to go to the same daycare for 4 years.

Later in the evening we did a family move night, something that we will try on a regular basis and see how it work out. This time we watched a move called Home which stares the voice of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory or actually the actor which I don't know the name of and won't look up.

We all liked it even if the girls were a little scared of the bad guy.

A quick visit to the Tekniska Museet in Stockholm.

Norah rocking the slopes

Hannah made this drawing by eye-tracking technology

Mirror fun

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