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Monday, March 28, 2016

SF Giants week 12

I have not been following this week super close but what take away is the 2 good starts from Cueto and Samarzija. Peavy looked like a #4 starter yesterday but solid in that, I think he'll turn in a decent season.  Let's hope Bumgarner look like he is ready next time around. I did not read any thing about Cain but I know that are worried about this status and are giving Heston a start tonight.

Yesterday a bunch of players were "cut" and sent back to Minor league camp. Among them Williamson and Parker. They look ready to come back up if something would happen to the regulars and reservs on the major league roster.

The Giants have hit the most HR's in spring training but I predict they will not keep that once the regular season starts and they have to come home to AT&T Park.


The next podcast


So I tried to combine a bunch of recordings in to one "episode" and here it is. This is about the Giants and have 2 recordings from the previous week.

I'm hoping to have time here in April to get this on iTunes, why not right? If not for nothing else to learn something.

Thanks to those who listen.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

SF Giants week 11

So lets summerize this Giants week,
  • Bumgarner was scratched from a start
  • Heston pitches in place of Madison
  • Cueto was hit in the forehead by a comebacker
  • Samardzija was a little roughed up
  • Peavy pitches ok
  • Cain made his cactus debut
  • Offense scored tons of runs
  • Bulgarer makes his next scheduled start

What can we take away from this?

Most important it looks like Cueto got away from the comebacker safe and with no complications. He stayed in the game and did ok over 3 frames. He was later cleared after concusion tests. The Giants saw to many concusions last year. 

Bumgarner made his scheduled start on saturday and said that bothe the foot and rib cage felt almost 100% again and that his timing is almost there.

Matt Cain was back on the hill for the first time in cactus league play this year. He did better than expected and that could be good news for the Giants.

The offensiven production was good this week and we are now seeing some of the projected starters getting in to the grove. I think Thursday they had the starting lineup as it is planned for opening day playing until Span jammed his shoulder going after a ball. Pagan and Pence look good and Belt has listed his avg. as well.

I'm still a little worried about the nagging injury issues but it looks alot better than a year ago at this point.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

"We got time to get this thing going"

Yes, spring training is here and baseball is back, well it has been back for a while now. The Giants are working out in Scottsdale, AZ and after Fridays loss to the Mariners they are 5-6 in spring training games.
I think the title which is a quote Madison Bumgarner says it all. He felt he did borgare the best control of his cut fastball in his second outing. The statement just sums up early spring training. There are lots of the Giants starters who are in the same position as Madison. Cueto had a so-so first apperance for the Giants. Bochy did not seem to be worried. What has me a little concerend about that is that some reports says that he looks heavier that before, I'm sure the traingstaff is on top of that. Pence finally made it in to game after some achilles problem at the beginning of camp.
Others that are being beld back are Casilla (Flu), Cain (removed cyst), Span (cautioness) and Romo (arm?). Jeff Samardzija has looked god in his early outings as well as Peavy. Yes, they have given up some hard hits but it is early March still. Most encouraging so far must be Joe Panic who seems to have put his back issues behind him but we will se how he copes with the everyday grind if the season. I'm sure Bochy will rest him and Pagan on a regular basis because there are capable backups such Tomlinsona for infield and Blanco, Parker and Wiliamson in the outfield. 
All in all I think we (Giants fans) can be optimistic about the 2016 season.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016