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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday long run

So 2 weeks to go to the Half Marathon. I had planned to do anther walk run 90 minute session. But with the race approaching I turned it in to a test run instead. I tried to do the run at my projected race pace to see if i'm ready. Here are the details from the run.

As you can see the run took me along the coast line and I decided to do an out and back. I guess it can be debated if this is the coast line because this is the very start the Stockholm archipelago which goes very far out from this location. Going out there was a head wind which helped me after the turn around. I was surprised over the fact that we had -1 C when I got out this morning and was glad I had a decent jacket on.

The biggest hill on this route is after 3 and 13 kms which I hope was good training. The half marathon does not have any major elevation changes. The hill went ok both times and the only real problem was that my left calf was still a little stiff but it did not get worse as the run went on.

The verdict is....I should do the Half Marathon. But I can not expect a really good time (PB) and there will be some discomfort in the calf.

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Outside gym

I have use a local outside gym that is build from wood. It is nice to work out outside in the fresh air. The outside gym obviously does not all the equipment that a regular gym has but do you really need all tat stuff? Here is a gif of my impressive shoulder press.....hahahaha

The pictures for this gif was taken 5:45 in the morning on a Thursday.

Here is an overview picture.

You can read more about the gym at They are built by a Swedish company.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sports update 2016-04-20

 The Giants are struggling after a decent start. Problems are popping up here and there. Starting pitching has not reached the potential and what we have come to expect from this group, only Cueto have performed up to what we could expect. Peavy and Cain are struggling to stay in long enough to save the bullpen.
Reliving staff took a blow when Rome had to go on the DL with a Flexor problem in the elbow. Not long after he was joined by Kontos with the same issue and both have to rest for considerable time. They have been replaced by Law, Broadway and Overt. All there of them have made their MLB debutes and performed well.

Unfortunately the offence have gone pretty cold and not been able to create runs with the small ball or the long ball as earlier in the short season. We need MadBum to be the stopper tonight but he  needs some help with some timely hits.

In the Premier League Liverpool is trying to keep up with the teams ahead in the standings in chasing another place in Europe. Away win at Bournemouth this past weekend was good.

But more importantly they managed a serious and unlikely comeback against Dortmund at Anfield in the Europa League. 1-3 was turned to 4-3 in the last 30 min with the winner coming on injury time.

Over here Hammarby beat local rival Djurgården 1-3 and makes for a good start to the season. This was tha second time that we beat Djurgården this season, we also won in the Cup.  

Finally the Spartans from Chula Vista High in southern San Diego are playing better even if they lost to San Ysidro yesterday.

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Miracle Mornings

So ever since we had to put the dog down I have been continuing the routine of getting up early and getting something done. I used to take the home for a 30 min walk to before getting the morning started. These walks used to be up to 45 min but with age I cut back gradually. Some mornings when he was feeling good we would go for a run instead. He is missed and I would have loved to be still going on walks with him.

2005-10-04 -- 2016-04-09

So I have chosen to not change my morning and is getting up the same up as normal and 3 times a week I go for a 30 min run. The other mornings I do yoga or some strength exercises. Getting the day started with some exercise seems to be working except for last Saturday when I did  90 min long run and kind of hit the wall in the afternoon. I think the ack of decent sleep played a part as well. For yoga I have been following some videos on For strength I'm going to a local outdoor gym (will try to get a picture soon).

Saturday morning 5:45
Here is this mornings run which is pretty standard for the week day mornings.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

Sports update 2016-04-11

April is here and Major League Baseball is back and none of this Spring Training business. Now it is the real thing. The Giants started the season in Milwaukee were we took 2 our of 3 games. With the rebuilding that the Brewers are going through I think many fans along with me expected a series win. The most rememberable is the back-back-back HR´s. with this behind us the team headed home to AT&T Park for a division clash with the Dodgers. These are always good games and we are lucky, and happy, to come away with a 3-1 series win. Game 2 was one to remember were the Dodgers rookie Stripling had a No-hitter going in the 7th but was taken out after 100 pitches. It must have been decided before the game that he should be taken out at that pitch count since he has Tommy-John in his background. However Trevor Brown hit his first career HR and the Giants 1st hit of the game to tie the game at 2-2. Then Brandon Crawford ended the game in the 10th. So we are 5-2 after 2 series at the start of the season. Now on to Denver and the Rockies.

I the Premier League Liverpool beat Stoke City 4-1 to set themselves up to challenge for 5th place which gives a place in Europe next year. 5 games to go...

In Sweden the games have started too, Hammarby has a draw (1-1), a loss (1-4) and a win (5-1) so that is a rollercoaster start to the season. Hopefully more of the 5-1 thing…..

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