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Monday, April 11, 2016

Sports update 2016-04-11

April is here and Major League Baseball is back and none of this Spring Training business. Now it is the real thing. The Giants started the season in Milwaukee were we took 2 our of 3 games. With the rebuilding that the Brewers are going through I think many fans along with me expected a series win. The most rememberable is the back-back-back HR´s. with this behind us the team headed home to AT&T Park for a division clash with the Dodgers. These are always good games and we are lucky, and happy, to come away with a 3-1 series win. Game 2 was one to remember were the Dodgers rookie Stripling had a No-hitter going in the 7th but was taken out after 100 pitches. It must have been decided before the game that he should be taken out at that pitch count since he has Tommy-John in his background. However Trevor Brown hit his first career HR and the Giants 1st hit of the game to tie the game at 2-2. Then Brandon Crawford ended the game in the 10th. So we are 5-2 after 2 series at the start of the season. Now on to Denver and the Rockies.

I the Premier League Liverpool beat Stoke City 4-1 to set themselves up to challenge for 5th place which gives a place in Europe next year. 5 games to go...

In Sweden the games have started too, Hammarby has a draw (1-1), a loss (1-4) and a win (5-1) so that is a rollercoaster start to the season. Hopefully more of the 5-1 thing…..

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