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Friday, May 27, 2016

New podcast

Recap of the half marathon and some jibberjabber.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Kungsholmen Runt 2016

Sun was out and it looked like it was going to be the warmest day of the year which in beginning of May around here means that 20 C. I think many like me tossed the thighs and long sleeves for the first time on this day. The family came with to enjoy the day and the park where the start and finish is located and they dropped my at the start and headed of to the playground and picnic area. I decided to hit the portapotties before the lines got to long and got to se the elits finish the 10 K race, wow those guys and gals ara fast.
After that I handed in my backpack and made my way to the starting line. They had 2 waves that went out 5 minutes apart and I was in the second wave.

Training leading up to the race had been OK, i.e. not great. I had decided to go to full MAF 180 method 2 weeks before the race since I was not going to “race” this race so was assuming that I would be lacking the necessary speed required to “race”.
After the gun we set out along the water towards City Hall for 3 K’s of very flat running and a good opportunity to settle in to a good pace for the race. I got in to a 5 min/km rhythm and was pretty spot on for the first 5 K. After about 5 K there are some minor hills on the second half of the loop but I keep the pace pretty good only losing a few seconds on the pace.

After getting back to the park and heading out on the second loop I tried to pick up the pace about 10-15 seconds per K put It did not work very well and I think here is the lack of speed training comes in even if I managed to push it a little bit at the end for a decent finish.

I came in at 1:45 and felt good and felt like I could have pushed it harder but it is easy to say after the fact. I really did not want to hit the wall in this one and i’m happy with the race and how I finished.
Course map

Slight disappointment that the beer sponsor ran out of nonalcoholic beer before I finished, and I was not the only one disappointed about that.

Over all a good day running and then we had a good vegan burger for lunch and a San Diego beer.

Beeeer and Quinoa Burger (Vegan)
San Diego beer

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