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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Back to the Trails

Just came back from a nice trail run and realise how nice of a change it is from running the streets all the time. I should take advantage more often of the near by trails that I have. The trails that I ran today are located by the Altorp train station not far from where we live. I have a about 1,5 miles to one of the entrances of the trail system and from there I can choose which loops to run an how I want to build the run. Today I did just over 14 km and I guess about 11 of them were on the trails. First I did the section of the long yellow trail that takes me through the golf course and back to the start of all the trails and from there I did the 2.5 km lighted trail and then looped around again to the yellow trail and back home. 
I had almost forgotten how much pace you loose on the trails compared to the asphalt but on a run like this it is really apparent.
We had perfect running weather today, 16C and recovering from the rains from yesterday.

Based on todays run I hope to do more trails over the summer.

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