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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dipping the big toe in

On tuesday I managed to get my self injured while doingsome yoga. The video I was following on had me go from a squated position to a plank position in a jumping motion and I guess I jumped to high or something and I jammed the big toe of my left foot when I landed and soon after it started the swell up and hurt. 

Tuesday and wednesday was limping days but by Thursday it was feeling better and by saturday morning it felt good enough to try a run and after the went ok with no set back I tried 10 km today and the toe was not the problem. It was more the heat today and mostly because I'm not used to it. We had 28-29 C today when I was out. I probably should have brought some water but I rarely do for runs under an hour. Also a little concering is that I have a small bruise above my middle toes now, will have to see how that develops in the next days.

One good thing in this ordeal is that I had just gotten some new shoes which has more space in the toe box  than my regular shoes. They are Salming shoes.

This is their Speed model and they have a 5 mm drop. The runs I have made with them have been good, I like their light weight, the soft and responsive sole and of course the colors :-) It feels like I got the right size this time even though I got them online and could not try them on before. I think I will run many miles in these.
BTW, yes Salming is that Salming, the hockey player from Toronto Maple Leafs and Sweden.

As for training I actually think the big toe incident was good because I think I needed some days off. I think my training is going the right way based on my average km times when doing  my Maffetone runs where I keep my heart rate at 130 or lower. I hope this keeps up since I did go ahead and sign up for a local marathon in November but more about this later.

Another thing I have to check is my weight, I think I gained some over the last 2 weeks but tomorrow is weigh in day. I try to do it only on Mondays just to not get obsessed about it.

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