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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Streaks are they important?

Day 19.

What streaks do you have that are important to you and that you intend not to break? Some say that streaks equals consistency and consistency is how we build character. My longest streak is of days not smoking at roughly 18 580 days. It feels like a streak to keep going at this point. It is also one that I want my girls to keep going for them.

What else do I have going? There is the 2 days in row of running.  Nothing else comes to mind. When I talk about and try to figure out streaks it has to be something worth striving for in you life to better yourself.

This weekend we went to my parents to celebrate my dads 75th birthday and we had a good time. They had invited some relatives and friends for the open house party. We went up on friday, in the rain, and tried to help set the party up. Once it got started all had a good time and the birthdayboy played some Sonys with his buddies in Berth Norbergs Trio.

It makes however for a tough weekend when we don't stay more than 2½ days. We don't handle that very well.


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Plantar Fascitis issues

Here we are on day 12 and  I think I have mentioned before is that I have some issues with Plantar Fascitis in my right foot and trying to come back from it and that off course includes treating it in different was. The most commonly suggested remedy seems to be stretching of the calf because this could be a problem, not having enough range of motion in the calf and the achilles tendon can increase the tension on the facia tendens that run under the foot. This remedy also recommends breaking up the scar tissue in the facia by various ways of rolling a roller or a ball under your foot, just like this YouTube video shows.

And there are probably a million videos that recommend this. I have tried this with some success and I think you can't expect quick fixes for this. As always you keep lookingfor more information and how to get back to your favorite activity, in my case running. When at YouTube looking for something else I found this video and Dr. Berg had a different remedy for this as you can see in his video.

This hits home with me since my shins are usually rather tight and I can't sit comfortably like he shows in the video. I will add stretching like he shows to my everyday regiment. Then off course there is this guy who really gets in to the subject and how to cure this irritating problem that prevents us from doing what we like to do. I  have only watched parts of this video so far but will get through it as well as the plantar fascitis.

For me the issue started in the late summer in a 10 km race where I did set a PR for the distance. After the race I felt a little sore under the foot but felt fine the next day and did not think much of it. During September I did several long runs and at times I felt it come back but it was always gone the day after. And this was the same all through September with long runs up to 32 km.

However some speed work in the beginning of October did me in…
The pain escalated each time I did intervals and one morning I could just not run at all and this was 3 weeks out from the marathon in November. I had to take a full week of from running and started some stretching etc.

However I felt I recovered decently fast and I was able to practice once before the race and in the days leading up to the race I decided to give it a try after all. What I should have done is switching to the 10 km because at 22 km of the race I had to walk off the course and admit that the PF got the better of me this time. I’l write a different post on the race in the next couple of days.

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Interesting video

2016-11-15  -  Day 8

So the weather has flip flopped on us and after last weeks record snow fall, we today got rain that has worked on the snow cover and it is not likely it will survive since we have more rain and warmer weather in the coming days. Also it makes for icy condition on walking paths etc. but I did dare to venture out on a short run this morning. I have been resting my right foot after the marathon attempt 10 days ago (more on that within a few days). The foot is  getting beter but I need to do more rolling with a tennis ball and stretching of the calf. I'm also trying sine kinetic tape. Anyhoo here is the details of the run.

My different social media feeds are still full of commentary on last weeks U.S. election and I found this video with Elizabeth Warren, Democratic Senator. It will be interesting to follow what happens going forward  after the election. Personally I'm worried about the appointments to some of the positions in Trumps White House and transition team.


Sunday, November 13, 2016


2016-11-13  -  Day 6.

So in the summer I was trying to update my site to improve that layout etc. to make it more up to date but I did not have tome to finish the job during my vacation and then time just seems to pass by so fast and all of a sudden here we are in the middle of November. Well now I’m moving forward again and I’m trying to the the site up and looking ok before the end of the year. The plan is, and this has failed so many times before, to write some thing 3-4 times per week. It can be about family event, current event, book review, training update or race updates. 

Currently I’m trying to understand what happened on November 8th and how Trump could actually win. We know how he won but maybe more why did Hillary lose or maybe she was a sitting duck with no chance what so ever, even if she clearly was the more qualified candidate on the ballot. Not surprising we already see a somewhat different message from Trump that what he was talking about during the campaign and I, and many others, wonder how that will be received by his perceived voters when the coal mine is not reopened and the illegal immigrants are still there or the wall is not being built and Hillary is not in jail….

Stockholm was hit by 20 inches of snow in less than 24 hours on Tuesday/Wednesday and that pretty much shutdown the city. I had to work from home 2 days. I also had to get my teeny showel out and dig out my car.

Take care out there.