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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Interesting video

2016-11-15  -  Day 8

So the weather has flip flopped on us and after last weeks record snow fall, we today got rain that has worked on the snow cover and it is not likely it will survive since we have more rain and warmer weather in the coming days. Also it makes for icy condition on walking paths etc. but I did dare to venture out on a short run this morning. I have been resting my right foot after the marathon attempt 10 days ago (more on that within a few days). The foot is  getting beter but I need to do more rolling with a tennis ball and stretching of the calf. I'm also trying sine kinetic tape. Anyhoo here is the details of the run.

My different social media feeds are still full of commentary on last weeks U.S. election and I found this video with Elizabeth Warren, Democratic Senator. It will be interesting to follow what happens going forward  after the election. Personally I'm worried about the appointments to some of the positions in Trumps White House and transition team.


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