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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Streaks are they important?

Day 19.

What streaks do you have that are important to you and that you intend not to break? Some say that streaks equals consistency and consistency is how we build character. My longest streak is of days not smoking at roughly 18 580 days. It feels like a streak to keep going at this point. It is also one that I want my girls to keep going for them.

What else do I have going? There is the 2 days in row of running.  Nothing else comes to mind. When I talk about and try to figure out streaks it has to be something worth striving for in you life to better yourself.

This weekend we went to my parents to celebrate my dads 75th birthday and we had a good time. They had invited some relatives and friends for the open house party. We went up on friday, in the rain, and tried to help set the party up. Once it got started all had a good time and the birthdayboy played some Sonys with his buddies in Berth Norbergs Trio.

It makes however for a tough weekend when we don't stay more than 2½ days. We don't handle that very well.


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