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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Journal December 20th

Day 42ish


Last day of work before a week of over the holidays and I might add it is a well needed time off. I tried to tell people to mot contact me for the first three days. We'll see how that goes. 😎

Sarah had a book club meeting tonight so I did dinner and put the girls to bed after stories. 

After that I did 1 hour of yoga and it feels like I'm getting stronger and more flexibel. 

Tomorrow will be a busy day even if I'm of work.  Got to get the kids off to school/daycare and then get the roof box on the car so it is ready for thursday and the drive to RĂ€ttvik. I also have to get to the library and to the mall to get my gift for the gift raffle. Later we have a development talk Norahs teacher at daycare after that off to Hannahs last day of the semester. Somewhere in there stuff has to packed and prepared for thursday.

Somehow we will get this show on the road thursday.


Monday, December 19, 2016

Journal December 19th 2016

Day 41


One more day to go before a short vacation over the holidays. We are going to my parents in RĂ€ttvik for 5 days. This time we are staying at a B&B just a few streets from my parents.

I have missed a few days of journaling but to recap we had a busy weekend, on saturday we took the girls seperately to get hanukkah gifts for each other which they liked. I think it was also good for them to do things on their own.

Sunday we did decorate a little for Hanukkah but nothing over the top. There was also alot of wrapping going on. We did manage to get out for a walk but that was about it for some people.

I did 8+ km in the evening and felt ok until this morning when my heel felt rather stiff but got better through out the day maybe this mornings yoga session helped....

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Vintermarathon 2016

Since a IT Band problem put an end to my Stockholm marathon in 2014 I have been building up my strength with the goal of trying the marathon distance again.  One marathon I have had my eye on is the Vinter Marathon here in Stockholm. Its a smaller race with about 500 marathoners and last year they added a 10 km race. The course is a 5 loop course that is quite flat.

I  signed up early and had time to go through a good training cycle. During the summer I did many miles building up my base and definitely saw some improvement in that area as my speed kept increasing at my MAF heart rate of 130 bpm. This all showed in my only race in the summer here in TĂ€by, when I ran a low 44 in the 10 km. Unfortunately though I did feel a slight twich in the right foot but did not think much of it and kept having a goo couple of month of training even though the slight pain was there. But once I stepped up training, or rather switched, to intervalls and more speed work the pain got worse and worse until I could not run and had to take a break from running completely and this was 3 and a half week before the marathon. At that time I thought the race was gone and i would have to forfeit. But restin made the foot better and a week before I was walking with almost no pain and could jogg easily with manageable pain level. So I decided to go for it….

There was also the option of downgrading from the marathon to a 10 km but that was just an idea that would have been a good idea to follow through on. On the morning of the marathon I felt  good about the attempt and felt I had a good plan for the day that would take me to the finish line. I was going to keep a 5:30 - 5:40 pace and see if I could push it in the last 10 km.

The race started out good and I kept the pace easily and felt good and also confident that I could follow through with the plan, but the day would turn out different. On the second full lap, of 5, the pain started to move up through levels and by the half way mark it was pretty obvious the I would be wise to to step of the course and be happy with the day before I made more damage to the foot than what I had already done.

I¨m still happy I tried even if I failed but I also forced me to rest the of the year because I think the my body needed that. I hope to toe the starting line again in 2017.

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Journal December 12th

Day 34


New week is here and I missed exercising this past weekend because life for in the way as it ha a tendency to do in this day age, so I started the week of with a morning run at 5;25am. The heart rate was racing a little but settled in in the later parts. But this is just to keep moving really. The foot is feeling better and does not bother me other than I can still feel that there is something there. 

I even got in a yoga session in the evening after dinner, bedtime and an hour reading my book. I'm currently reading The Life Changing Magic of Tyding by KonMarie. It is about strategies for decluttering your home and have some valid points. This is how my clothes drawer looks now. 

Next step is to try to trick the girls into adapting this for their rooms while I move on to my other stuff.

Tomorrow we sell all the baked gods from the weekend.

Thanks for reading,

Journal Decmber 10th

Day 32,


Busy day today but let's do a quick recap of yesterday first. Kind of a crappy day all over. Bad start to the workday, but not going into it here, and that set the tone for the day in the office. On my way home I noticed that someone in our apartment complex had posted they had no water which also applied to everyone since there was a major water leak down the street. We decided to go to TĂ€by Centrum for dinner since we could not eat or go to the bathroom at home without water. But dinner out is ok, we also went over to some friends and picked up some water but 10 min after we got home it was back again.

Today we made gingerbread cookies for Hannahs class who are hosting a café with home baked stuff on tuesday. The came out ok.

After this we had to take showers and unfortunately do lies treatment on the girls since we found them in Hannahs hair. Never a fun activity. That made us slightly late for Hannahs guitar concert. There were lots of nervous kids performing but all did great and so did Hannah even tough she was scared to perform. She was  happy afterwards and the stage fright was not to bad because the stage was not so high...


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Journal December 7th 2016

Day 30

Another morning run and I managed the heart rate better than yesterday but that also showed in the pace which was a few seconds slower today. The foot is still the same, holding up. Will rest from runningrunning tomorrow though. Here is the details from the morning.

Sarah got invited to her office christmas dinner so I had to pick up the girls, but at 1pm I got a call from scfrom school that Hannah was having some ear pain. I picked her up and then Norah and took them to the hospital to have it checked out. All was cleared, just minor infection. Hopefully better tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Journal December 6th 2016

Day 29

Started the day by going for a run in NĂ€sby Park at 5:30 for 30 some minutes. I did feel good ND the left foot is getting stronger and seem to be able to handle slow running with walk intervals. I do 1:30 min running and 30 seconds walking and try to keep the heart rate below 135, however that did not work today.
Got the girls out of bed, fed them and dressed with the normal amount of stress. Drop off at daycare and school was fine and I was at time to catch the train I needed to make my 9:00 meeting at work. That is when it hit the fan so to say. The train was 5-6 minutes late to my stop and at the next stop we got held up because the train ahead of us could not unlock their breaks, because of the low temperatures I guess. After not moving I decided to exit and go hom and get the Charger for my computer and go to the mall to work from there for the day. This turned out to be a good decision ND I got a lot of work done actually.

Evening was uneventful, i.e. very good. I did sit down and read my book for 45-50 min and then did my Yoga fort strength video on Gaia and now I'm here ready for bed. I might read another chapter before lights out.

Until tomorrow,