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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Journal December 20th

Day 42ish


Last day of work before a week of over the holidays and I might add it is a well needed time off. I tried to tell people to mot contact me for the first three days. We'll see how that goes. 😎

Sarah had a book club meeting tonight so I did dinner and put the girls to bed after stories. 

After that I did 1 hour of yoga and it feels like I'm getting stronger and more flexibel. 

Tomorrow will be a busy day even if I'm of work.  Got to get the kids off to school/daycare and then get the roof box on the car so it is ready for thursday and the drive to Rättvik. I also have to get to the library and to the mall to get my gift for the gift raffle. Later we have a development talk Norahs teacher at daycare after that off to Hannahs last day of the semester. Somewhere in there stuff has to packed and prepared for thursday.

Somehow we will get this show on the road thursday.


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