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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Journal Decmber 10th

Day 32,


Busy day today but let's do a quick recap of yesterday first. Kind of a crappy day all over. Bad start to the workday, but not going into it here, and that set the tone for the day in the office. On my way home I noticed that someone in our apartment complex had posted they had no water which also applied to everyone since there was a major water leak down the street. We decided to go to Täby Centrum for dinner since we could not eat or go to the bathroom at home without water. But dinner out is ok, we also went over to some friends and picked up some water but 10 min after we got home it was back again.

Today we made gingerbread cookies for Hannahs class who are hosting a café with home baked stuff on tuesday. The came out ok.

After this we had to take showers and unfortunately do lies treatment on the girls since we found them in Hannahs hair. Never a fun activity. That made us slightly late for Hannahs guitar concert. There were lots of nervous kids performing but all did great and so did Hannah even tough she was scared to perform. She was  happy afterwards and the stage fright was not to bad because the stage was not so high...


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