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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Norrtälje 2017-05-13

Fever in the house which is never fun. Hannah has been down the whole week and out of school.She is feeling better though but now Norah has started up a fever on her own (not surprisingly). Since we ad a lady come over and help us with the cleaning on Saturday we decided we needed to get out and do something low key. We went to the local 2nd/hand store here at Grindtorp to se what treasures they had. I found a kitchen clock and a late with this motive on it.

That is the tower where we got married so that is a fun fact. Also Maureen found the same plate in old town when she was here for the wedding.

After the 2nd-hand store drove to the town of Norrtälje for lunch. The plan was to go there and get the girls to rest during the the drive. For food we found a place called Creperiet and we all had a Crepe each.

After the deliciousness of Crepes we strolled around the "old" town of Norrtälje for a while anf checked out som ducks that were swimming in the stream that cuts through the town. They were rather friendly and just kept sleeping with people right next to them or came up to you for food. Unfortunately for them we had none this time around.

Alaround a good lazy day for a tired family.