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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Helsinki 2017

On a whim a few months ago we asked my family if they wanted to go to Helsinki cruise with us and now the time had come to set sail and we had great weather the whole weekend as shown in the below picture that was taken just before bedtime from our cabin window.

Baltic sunset

The setup was that we sailed over night from Stockholm to Helsinki with a afternoon departure on Friday. Since we booked so late we could not all get seating at the same tables for dinner. We and my parents had the early buffet on Friday which was good for the girls so they got food on a decent time. I think all had a decent nights sleep the first night and was ready to head over to the hotel that was booked. We managed to find the appropriate street car that took us all the way from the harbor to the hotell in one go with no changes. After we dropped the bags at the hotel for a afternoon check in we headed back downtown to see what Helsinki had to offer. First up was to get some coffee etc. and then I needed to try out the selfie stick off course.

Is the selfie stick working?

I think only people who give their consent is in this picture.

After that well deserved fika break it was time to explore for real. There were some different interests in what people wanted to do so we did split up in several groups. Our group eventually found a Street Car that went around downtown as a sightseeing thing and you got to see a bunch of stuff and I think it was cheaper than the Hop-On Hop-Off busses. Granted there was no guide talking but we did not really care.

Fountain close to the harbor

Get this show on the tracks...

I hope the designed stuff in the store was better than this sign... 

Somebody mentioned that they would have liked to
have clothes when working as a blacksmith

Nice architecture downtown Helsink 
After the street car tour we had spotted a location that looked like it had a bunch of restaurants so we ventured over there again by another street car and found a nice place to have som food. When we were on our way back to the number 4 street car to go to the hotel to check in we came across a string quartet playing ABBA in the shade. How about that? They got a little donation at least.

String quartet draws some attention
Decent food was had through out the trip and some beer as well and a few of them are shown below.


I think everybody had a good weekend even if we were tired when we got back to Stockholm on Monday morning.


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