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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Midsummer 2017

We have done this before but it has been a few years since we went to Rönninge By for midsummer celebrations. Rönninge By is a local farm that puts on a party on this day and have some musicians com out and perform for the traditional dances.
We lucked out with the weather that changed from chances of rain in the forecast but turned out to be great for the actual day. The central piece of the cerebration is of course the raising of the maypole that is when the crowds gather. Below is a panorama picture from the final ascent of the maypole.

After that there is dancing around the maypole for the kids and then the traditional picnic with what ever food you brought. We ran in to some friends that also was there to celebrate.

Many people go back to their, or friends, houses and continue the partying with barbecues etc all night long. We came back home and put some burgers on the grill and had some beer and snaps and called it a night.

Thanks for joining us Jim,

Thanks for reading,

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