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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sunday September 10, 2017

Busy day today with double dance classes and a birthday party but hey who's complaining about things like that when there is Liverpool FC and The SF Giants to cry over this weekend.

Also other people have much worse situations this weekend.

Mostly I'm thinking of the island of St Maarten and other islands tha has been in the path of hurricane Irma. St Maarten was hit when the storm was classified as a category 5 hurricane which is the highest class that hurricanes can have as of now. Reports say that it is the strongest and biggest atlantic storm since satellite tracking started. From what I have seen the devastation in some pictures from St Marten and it looks really bad and like it will take a long time to rebuild and there are reports of problems in the streets with looting etc. We have good memories from our visit to St Marteen in 2013. We currently don't have any information on the damages to the time share hotel we staed at and where my in-laws have a time share. We are also unsure if they can go there this winter.

Others who are in a bad situation are the so called Dreamers in America. These are people who cam to America with their parents and were underaged at the time. These people have a program called DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, that they can apply to be a part of which protects them from deportation etc. The members of the program have to go through screening to be accepted in to the program and they have to pay $500 every 2 years. One of the requirements of the program is that they can not be convicted of a crime.

As this article tries to clarify that America does have something to loose on ending this program and sending these some 800.000 people in the program back to their country of origin which they might not have seen for 20/25 years and might not have any relation to. Another problem is that there is no path to citizenship for these Dreamers.

But for me it comes down to pure decency and showing some compassion for fellow humans who are caught in a though situation. The better action would be to work to create a path to citizenship.

This pretty much sums up the republicans on this issue.

Thanks to anyone who read,

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