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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Weekly roundup December 10, 2017

this post is the first of the new format. I will try to summarise the weekly training efforts and hopefully with time to get in to depth about each workout and what the purpose of the workout is.

Monday December 4th

Activity:  Yoga
Time:  25 min

The yoga is aimed at improving mu mobility and flexibility.

Wednesday December 5th

Activity:  Running
Distance: 4,71 km
Time:  27:47 min
Average HR: 141 bpm

I'm going slow for the month of December and probably for most of January as well to built my enginge. I'm not doing run-walk ans till keeping the HR average fairly low, not as low as run-walk but ok for me and continuous running. It also does not feel super slow and I'm ok with it being up towards 6 min/km. This was my normal morning route and when I need to get to work I can't spent much more time on this and have to do the best of the time given.I can use them to work on improving the HR for instance.

Thursday December 7th

Activity: Yoga
Time: 20 min

Strengthening sun salutations, when just watching the video this one might look easy but you do build up a sweat and it is harder than it looks. This one is fabulous for improving leg strength and and flexibility. Lots of Standing forward bend.

Friday December 8th

Activity: Running
Distance: 5,76 km
Time 33:45 min
Average HR: 143 bpm

The normal morning route but with some added distance since I felt I had some extra time this morning. The average BPM was up a little but I did add another two hills and I also increased my pace a few seconds which always bumps the bmp's up a little.

Sunday December 10th

Activity: Running
Distance: 9,04 km
Time 53:04 min
Average HR: 141 bpm

This was supposed to be the long run of the weekend but I had to sleep in Norahs bed half the night I managed to over sleep and did not wake up until 5:48 but decided to go out for the run anyway and do what I had time with. It ended up to be just over 9 km. It was a nice morning and since I didn't get out until 6:20 am I did actually see lights on in some houses. I had a few minutes in to the run for a route but I was feeling good so I added som distance. It was a good run as a replacement for a long run that was suppose to the up to even 21 km, but I will push this to next weekend.
I'm using my Nike Free currently because the ate the freshest and also have a few more millimeter drop than my Innov8 and Salming. I think I will move to have both minimalist and normal shoes going forward. What I do need to go ahead and get new shoes though.

In the future I will try to pu in a plan for the upcoming week but I'm running out of time here....

Thanks for reading,